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Big chiller: Local refrigeration firm branches into new space - The Sacramento Bee

5/30/2014 - Call it the Big Chiller. For a company that started with a single truck and a cramped office just a few years ago, Refrigeration Solutions Inc. is powering up its business by chilling down its clients. Today, RSI is celebrating the opening its new 40,000-square-foot headquarters and production facility in the Natomas area, just off Interstate 80 in Sacramento. Like a side-by-side fridge, the leased facility is home to two companies. RSI, a provider of commercial refrigeration service and installation services, was started in 2006. It spun off Advanced Refrigeration Systems Inc., its manufacturing arm, in 2010. Now, both family-owned firms operate under one roof at 4119 S. Market Court.


2 Refrigerated Equipment Manufacturers Relocate to Larger Facility - Refrigeration & Frozen Foods

5/16/2014 - Refrigeration Solutions, Inc. (RSI) and Advanced Refrigeration Systems, Inc., both of West Sacramento, Calif., relocated their corporate headquarters and production RSI new warehousefloor to a larger facility due to recent rapid growth of the business.


Custom Racks, Customer Service Define RSI's Mission

12/10/2010 - Some refrigeration contractors might leap before they look. Not Sam Wilson. He devoted 30 years to working for other employers before he started his own business, Refrigeration Solutions, Inc., Sacramento, CA. By that time, he knew in which direction he wanted to move, and he certainly knew the technology, inside and out. Now, Wilson is living his dream, and doing it his way — which is to provide solutions to things his customers need most: energy savings, reliable equipment, and responsive customer service. And by living that dream, he's helping prevent customer nightmares.



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